Documentary about Jeroen Wijering, the creator of the JW Player

WHOISJW? is a documentary about Jeroen Wijering, who developed the JW Player as a student at the Design Academy Eindhoven. An unprecedented success story about ambition (to turn something very small into something very good) and about entrepreneurship.

The JW Player is an open source video player for the internet. The JW Player grew to a worldwide success in a few years. Many prestigious websites use the JW Player for offering video content.

The JW Player is housed in a professional video hosting platform. Jeroen Wijering is co-owner of the company of the same name with branches in New York, London and Eindhoven, among others.

Marco van der Ploeg and Eelco Romeijn decided in 2009 to make this documentary for their own account and risk on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of their company PictureThis.tv. Together with Koen Samson they made this documentary, which was completed and published in September 2012.

Produced by: PictureThis.tv
Based on an idea by Marco van der Ploeg
Script: Eelco Romeijn
Director of Photography: Eelco Romeijn
Editor: Eelco Romeijn
Graphics & Motion Designer: Koen Samson
Producer: Marco van der Ploeg